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Making the lives of content creators a bit easier by helping them save time and manage admin tasks efficiently.

Meet the founders


Sofia Solis

Chief Executive Officer

I have been an a content creator ย for 5 years. During that time I have created a name for myself, worked with global brands, and was featured in publications and grew a loyal following. During my journey as a content creator, I was juggling internships, part-time jobs, and school. Which led me to create Klaia - a tool for creators to manage admin so they can focus on creating.


Val Zinchenko

Chief Technology Officer

I have 14 years of experience in tech and have built over 200 mobile applications. I have worked at startups in various fields, including FinTech, Real Estate, and Healthcare. I am also a former Apple Senior Technologist. I am very excited about Klaia as I see a huge potential and I am confident that Klaia can be a helpful tool in influencer's journeys.

Klaia is the best organization tool for content creators.

Our goal is to empower creators to grow their business by helping them save time on admin.