10 Best Apps To Edit Short-Form Video Content

The Klaia Team
May 10, 2023
5 min read

Let’s face it, as a content creator you already wear many hats, and being your own editor isn’t the most entertaining part of the job. We can all agree it’s probably one of the most tedious parts of the job. Thankfully, there are apps out there that can make editing your videos that much easier!


This app is very simple and easy to use. Depending on your subscription, all the features you need are included in this app. It allows you to edit different layouts of your choosing, it allows you to add your personal logo to the video, and it offers an arrangement of different video transitions. If you go on their website, you will find that there’s a whole guide on how to use their features and more. As if you needed another reason to check it out.


If you want to create your own sounds or music, this is the app for you. On top of that, there are free samples available for use from others who have created their own sound to go along with your video. Also, with a subscription, are tools that will help you create your sound all at your fingertips. The last thing that makes this app cool to use for music choices is you can save all your music and you can collaborate with other artists on the app. Overall, with all it offers, you might create and edit the music but this app sings for itself.


One of the more unique features of this editing app is being able to edit your video in multiple layers. What that means is while you edit, you can add multiple visuals, texts, etc. to your video and the result will be those visuals aesthetically playing all at once, which is a step above most editing apps.


This is another easy-to-use video editing app. Not only can you clip certain videos, add stickers and texts to make your video more fun, but you can also create collages as well as videos. Within this app you can speed up or slow down any clip you may already have to create a video of your liking. Another useful tool this app has, are the filters you can add to any picture or video you’re wanting to edit.


We’ve mentioned other apps where you can adjust the speed of a certain video clip. With this app, you can adjust the speed to a certain moment. For example, if you’re editing a video flipping your hair in slow motion, you can speed up the beginning and end of the video to put the focus on the slow-motion hair flip. Utilizing this feature alone should make you want to download it for cool edits like that.


This app is very down to the basics. If you are a beginner, who is still new to the editing world but want really great video results, this is for you! It’s quite easy and simple to use for everyone and it’s web-based so you don’t have to download everything to your phone that’s probably already full of storage. What’s great about this app are the templates that can help make your video more enticing. There’s a huge range they have available to their users to spice up the video.  


The “we” in the brand title should be emphasized because they thought about everyone when creating this editing app. Some of the features included in this app are like others such as adding transitions, adding music or voiceovers, etc. but what this app gives you that others don’t is a green screen tool. If you have your own green screen, then you can create whatever your vision is from the comforts of your own home. What more could a creator ask for.


If you’re looking for a short and sweet, quick and easy editing app then you’ve met your new best friend. It has the templates, the stickers, the filters, etc. it’s great, simple, and productive. The best part of this app, it gets directly exported to TikTok if you choose. Which makes it that much more appealing to use.

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Anything that involves editing, this app showcases it all. You can trim or elongate your videos and you don’t have to worry about constantly saving because it automatically does it for you. This app will also allow you to add sound and music to your videos while leveling out the sound to fit your video perfectly. Another good point, like some of the other apps, it’s also easy and simple to use like Klaia. The added bonus of this app is that it’s free to consumers.


Although this is mostly web-based, we think it should still be mentioned as an editing app because it allows you to do things not all the other editing apps can do. For instance, whenever you’re ready to edit your first video it will give you the option of what resolution you want or you can make your own custom one if you prefer. This will make your video look crystal clear every time. This app also allows you to use layers on your video which will only add to the beauty of the video you’re making. On top of that, it still includes the cool transitions that any fun video needs.

In the end, using any of these video editing apps will for sure have your TikTok videos and Instagram stories looking fresh, cute, and above all else, professional. Just as Klaia helps you keep all admin things straightforward and organized.

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