10 Influencer Platforms To Find Paid Partnerships In 2023

The Klaia Team
May 9, 2023
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As a content creator, finding brands to work with can be hard. With the new year approaching, it’s a great time to set your goals for 2023. We are sure one of those goals will be around monetization. So, here’s a list of influencer platforms to find paid partnerships in 2023. These platforms not only help you connect with brands, but some of them also have a community of influencers, where you can make friends and connect with people who are doing what you’re doing.

If you’re looking to form some new connections with brands and companies, these platforms can give you a head start.

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AspireIQ is super easy to use and one of our recommended influencer platforms because it considers all the different social media platforms you may already be using!

You can easily sign up with your email, fill out your profile and then you can apply to existing campaigns on their dashboard. But on occasions the AspireIQ team will reach out directly to you for campaigns that aren’t on the dashboard.

As for rates and payment, you’ll get a suggested rate from them for each deliverable, but you are free to charge more. You can message directly with the brand through the platform, which makes it easy to negotiate rates. The rate is determined based on followers and reach. Payments are sent via PayPal.

You can either apply to existing campaigns on their dashboard. But on occasions the AspireIQ team will reach out directly to you for campaigns that aren’t on the dashboard.

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Obviously works with influencers of all types and understands that all content creators have their niche.

It is very easy to sign up. However, you might not get a lot of campaigns on your dashboard specially if you’re a smaller creator. You can apply to campaigns that do show up on your dashboard, however they tend to fill up quickly. The Obviously team also sends email notifications whenever there’s a campaign you might be a great fit for.


Another one of the influencer platforms, Fohr, focuses on developing ambassador marketing to build community and business relationships.

Encouraging authentic advertisement of brands and products is their goal. You can subscribe to the platform to get access to their tools and analytics to improve your own marketing campaigns or have managed campaigns so a team of experts is helping you through the process.

Fohr is a platform you should join regardless if you’re looking for brand partnerships or not, because they create a media kit for you and you also have more specific insights about your audience. Below is a screenshot of Sofia’s audience insights and as you can see it is pretty specific.

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Activate has created a community for influencers that allows you to connect with new brands and lets them find you as well.

Work on campaigns that you’re most interested in and are relevant to your own brand and audience. They also have a tool that allows you to create your own digital media kit that serves as your personal portfolio to show any brands you’re interested in working with, whether it’s through Activate or not.

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Blog meets brand

Blog meets brand prioritizes blogs, while still including social media posts in their campaigns. So, if you have a blog that you post content in consistency – this is the platform for you! They work to match brands and influencers using their algorithm based on your demographic and analytics.

Providing unique solutions for influencers and helping them through brand collaborations is a top priority. They have services to manage campaigns and notify influencers of brand opportunities quickly and efficiently.

This is a platform that you have to apply for. And if you’re selected, they will usually reach out to you via email if the blog meets brand team thinks you’d be a great fit for a campaign.

Social Fabric

Social Fabric has formed its own community of influencers that can access insights, learn from each other, and find opportunities to work with brands. However, there’s some requirements to be able to apply:

  • Currently reside in the U.S. or Canada
  • Posts content that includes storytelling, original photos, and personal experiences
  • Able to create content that weaves brand promotions into stories that show the product(s) fit into everyday life
  • Able to act with professional behavior in regard to accountability and performance
  • Once you apply, they will reach out to you if you meet the criteria and you can start working with brands!


    With Mavrck, you apply to upcoming collaborations with a variety of brands and wait for them to contact you. You can join their influencer index when you sign up, which increases your visibility to brands looking for influencers to collaborate with.

    By verifying your socials and information, you can be safely connected with a variety of brands.

    InfluencerHer Collective

    This is one of the influencer platforms that specifically works with women in the content creator world, focusing on Millennial and Gen Z influencers.

    InfluenceHer Collective has meet-ups and local events for its members, as well as a hub of resources for their community. If you match brand collaborations, they’ll reach out and email you to notify you of the opportunity. Their exclusive newsletters also include opportunities that you can apply for.

    They also acquired College Fashionista back in 2019 and they offer a lot of opportunities and activations for college content creators. So if you’re in college, this platform is the best fit for you.


    Cohley is a great place to create relationships with companies and brands by producing content for them to use. They act as a marketplace for brands to find creators for the content they’re looking for.

    You’d be paid to produce photos, videos, etc. for a brand that would be featured across a variety of platforms, reaching different audiences and giving you and your work more exposure.

    However, Cohley has a strict application process. You have to meet the following criteria:

    • 18 years or older
    • Must have a public Instagram business OR Tik Tok account
    • Must have 50+ posts on your Instagram or Tik Tok profile
    • Genuine, authentic and creative content
    • Professionalism in content, captions and comments
    • High content quality – creative and imaginative shots with attention to detail on lighting and composition (particularly if applying as a professional photographer or videographer)
    • For influencer applicants only: priority is given to creators with 2% engagement rate or higher

    Your application may be rejected if:

    • Over 50% of posts are sponsored
    • Low content quality: blurry, dimly lit content
    • Overly-filtered and photoshopped imagery that distorts your face or body
    • You have purchased fake followers or have bot followers on your account
    • Engagement rate is below 1% (influencers only)
    • Your content includes xenophobic, racist, or discriminatory content
    • Your content includes nudity or profanity
    • You applied as a professional photographer or videographer without providing a link to a professional portfolio


    The community and services that Collectively provides makes them another one of the influencer platforms that can connect you to brands.

    Unlike other influencer platforms, Collectively does not have a dashboard, which means you don’t have to be logging in consistently in order to find paid partnerships. They usually send newsletters letting their content creators know what opportunities are available. From there, you can apply and work with brands!

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