16 Must-Have Content Creation Tools Every Content Creator/Influencer Needs

The Klaia Team
May 9, 2023
5 min read

Whether you’re looking to improve your content production or looking for a place to start, here are some must-have content creation tools you need. These tools will make your creation process more efficient and hopefully help improve the quality as well!


Ring light

Since TikTok became a thing, the sales of ring lights literally skyrocketed. They are great for providing even lighting around the focus of the image or video. These can be found for a range of prices, perfect for any budget.

Tripod and phone mounts

A tripod is an absolute must have! Using a tripod to hold any phone or camera can immediately make your visual content look and feel more professional. Besides, it’ll make your content creation process easier!

You can find a tripod at every budget, but this is an item we recommend investing in. Cheap tripods are great but only last a couple months before they break down and in the long-run if you keep purchasing a tripod every couple months, then you’re spending more.

As for phone mounts, the hula+ is our favorite! It adheres to any surface and it’s small so it’s perfect to take with you when traveling or to take on-the-go.


For visual content creation, having a set backdrop can make production much easier. Rather than finding the perfect spot in a room or having to rearrange anything set up, you can get a backdrop that you can put anywhere! It also maintains some consistency throughout your content.


If you’re making any content that might require audio or voiceover, having a microphone separate from a camera is great. It improves the quality of the audio and experience for your audience. You can find microphones in every budget, it all depends of your needs. For TikTok, a mini microphone might be ideal, but if you have a podcast a more professional one might be required.

Content ideas

Google Trends

Google trends is a free tool that makes it easy for you to see how popular a specific search is. It also includes its popularity over time so you can see the trends. This is extra useful if you’re concerned about SEO.

If you’re wondering if the topic of your content is relevant right now, GoogleTrends is a great place to check!

Pinterest Trends

By using Pinterest trends, you can see what people are searching for and pinning during a given time.

For example, this week’s surging trends are garage interior, father’s day gift ideas, brown aesthetic, and trendy spring nails! This tool is super useful because it can give you some direction as to what type of content people are looking for now. With that information you can create pins that go viral.

Answer the Public

If you have run out of ideas, go to Answer the Public, type your niche or a search term and you’ll have so many more ideas to create content about. Answer the public scans the web and shows you the most googled questions containing that specific search term.


Also Asked is similar to Answer the Public. But the main different is that it shows you searches that no only contain your search term, but that are related to that search term. So you might get more ideas.

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Time management + organization


We obviously had to include ourselves in this list. Klaia is a project management tool for content creators, where you can manage brand partnerships and admin. Our goal is to empower creators to save time on admin so they can focus on creating and growing their business.

Preview App

The Preview App helps you organize and schedule your Instagram feed. You can add reels, carousels and more! You can also find hashtags relevant to your content within the app, as well as, captions.

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Photo and video editing apps + graphic design


For any digital design, Canva is a great option for whatever you need. The website has free and paid plans, plus a variety of templates to get you started.

Tezza App

The Tezza App is by far our favorite photo editing app. It is very affordable and it has so many editing options and now an Instagram feed planner!


This app has gone viral on TikTok several times and has replaced a bluetooth control almost completely. You set up your phone, put on a timer and the app takes photos automatically. Such a live changing app and it’s also free!


Edit all your TikTok videos and reels with Splice! It’s super easy to use.


This app helps you remove objects from your background easily! So much easier to use than photoshop and it’s free!


Temply helps you make aesthetic Instagram stories! They have a lot of templates for you to choose from!


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