30 Easy Video Content Ideas For Youtube & TikTok

The Klaia Team
May 15, 2023
5 min read

If you are feeling stuck on what content to create for your Youtube channel or Tiktok, then this article is exactly what you need right now. We are sharing 30 easy video content ideas that will get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re a newbie content creator or a seasoned pro, these ideas are sure to add some spice to your channel.

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So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

  1. Share your story: Let your audience get to know you better by sharing your personal story. How did you get started with content creation? What are some challenges you’ve faced along the way?
  2. Day in the life: Take your viewers through a typical day in your life. This could be as a content creator, business owner, nurse, teacher, or whatever your profession may be.
  3. Sunday reset: Show your followers how you prepare for the week ahead. What are some things you do on Sundays to set yourself up for success?
  4. What’s on my iPhone: Give your viewers a peek into what’s on your phone. This could include your favorite apps, games, or even your home screen layout.
  5. Monthly favorites: Share your favorite things from the past month, whether it’s your favorite beauty products, books, or TV shows.
  6. Rating product empties: Give your honest review on products that you’ve used up completely. What did you love and what didn’t quite make the cut?
  7. Top 5 favorite books: Share your favorite books and why you love them.
  8. Review books you’ve read so far this year: Give your followers a rundown of the books you’ve read so far this year and what you thought of them.
  9. Seasonal clothing haul: Show off your favorite fashion finds for the current season and what’s on your wishlist.
  10. 10 tips for starting a Youtube channel: Share your top tips for starting a Youtube channel, whether it’s about equipment, editing, or coming up with content ideas.
  11. Room tour: Take your viewers on a tour of your room or workspace.
  12. Hair tutorial: Share your go-to hairstyle and how you achieve it.
  13. Birthday GRWM/vlog: Take your followers through a day in your life on your birthday.
  14. Self care day vlog: Show your followers how you take care of yourself on a self-care day.
  15. Travel vlog: Take your viewers along on your adventures and show them the sights and sounds of a new city.
  16. Everyday makeup routine: Share your everyday makeup routine and the products you use.
  17. How much I spend in a month: Give your followers a peek into your spending habits and how you budget your money.
  18. Budgeting tips: Share your top tips for budgeting and saving money.
  19. How to spend less on groceries: Show your followers how you save money on groceries without sacrificing quality.
  20. Work/college week in my life: Take your viewers through a typical week in your life, whether it’s as a working professional or a college student.
  21. What I eat in a day: Share your daily meals and snacks with your followers.
  22. Meal prep with me: Show your followers how you meal prep for the week ahead.
  23. My __ AM morning routine: Share your morning routine and how you start your day.
  24. How I get myself out of a funk: Share your tips for getting yourself out of a funk and feeling better.
  25. How I plan my content: Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at how you plan your content and stay organized.
  26. Wardrobe must-haves: Share your favorite wardrobe essentials that you can mix and match for any occasion.
  27. Life update: Give your followers a personal update on what’s been going on in your life lately, whether it’s related to work, relationships, or personal growth.
  28. Big sister advice: Share your wisdom and advice with your younger viewers on topics like school, relationships, or self-care.
  29. My favorite makeup products: Show off your favorite makeup products and how you use them to create your favorite looks.
  30. Skincare routine: Share your skincare routine and favorite products, and give your followers tips on how to keep their skin healthy and glowing.

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We hope these 30 easy video content ideas inspired you. Remember, the key to success is to create content that is authentic and true to yourself. Keep experimenting, keep growing, and keep having fun with your content.

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