6 Ways To Maximize Your Content Creation Day

The Klaia Team
May 15, 2023
5 min read

As a content creator, shooting your content takes a lot more work than people think. With a lot to think about before you even plan your shoot day, you want to make sure of a few things. It can get overwhelming preparing for your content day because of how much you need to plan for, especially if you are trying to batch content for the whole week. Thankfully, there are ways to stay organized – so here are 6 ways to maximize your content creation day.

Preparing for your content creation day

Plan what type of content you will create

One way for you to prepare for your shoot day starts with knowing what type of content you want to create that day. Whether it’s brand deals, photoshoots, vlogging, etc. just knowing what you want to shoot that day can maximize your time. It leaves you not stressing about what you want to produce that day.

You can even go an extra mile and plan what you’ll say in certain videos, the video transitions, poses for photos, exact detail photos you’ll want to take, etc. Write all of this down in the notes app and even add reference photos/videos. Or if you’re shooting content for a brand campaign, add the details in your Klaia campaign, so you can reference to it later.

Choose outfits beforehand

If you create fashion content, plan your outfits days ahead. This will take away a ton of pressure because you won’t have to spend time making a mess of your closet when you should be creating content instead. Pack these outfits in a carry-on suitcase so you can change and shoot different outfits in different locations on the same day. You might also want to purchase a changing tent, which allows you to change outfits anywhere.

Pre-screen locations

Another thing that will help you maximize your time would be pre-screening your locations. If you plan on going to one location, know the surroundings of where you’ll be. This can benefit you in so many ways in case you find possible murals to shoot in front of or cool views that you could capture. If you plan on going to multiple locations, try to look for places that aren't far from each other. Then you can go there, get your pictures, and keep your day moving.

On your “content creation” day

Take care of yourself

Make sure that you stay hydrated and fed. It can get overwhelming just shooting in general, no matter how much you’re prepared that day. So, keep water and snacks on you to help get you through the day. Until you can get that ample time to stop somewhere and eat an actual meal, snacks are the perfect remedy.

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Get in the mood

Believe it or not, your mood and energy shines through your content. Besides, everything seems to flow better when we are in the mood to shoot content. Play your favorite playlist, dance around and create awesome content.

Don’t push yourself too hard

When it comes to creating content, you have to be in the mood for it. If you can’t seem to get in the mood, don’t be scared to simply stay home and get some admin work done. Ultimately, the world won’t end if you don’t post once. It is okay to take a break.

And that’s all you need to get all the content you can out of your content creation day. Don’t forget to leave your email so you get newsletters with useful content like this.


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