6 Ways To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas

The Klaia Team
May 15, 2023
5 min read

As a content creator, you are always coming up with new ideas to create content about! However, this gets to be very exhaustive, always planning and thinking ahead and eventually, you just might get stumped. Running out of ideas on what to create next happens to everyone and it doesn’t make the job any less hard. If you struggle with running out of ideas, we know six ways to never run out of content ideas.  

1.  Idea Bank

We’ve all had an idea pop into our head that we know would make great content but it’s not the right time to make or post it. That’s when your idea bank will come in handy. Write down any and every idea you get in your head, this way you always have something to look back on. It will help you create or even elaborate on making an idea even better.

If you want it to be an actual jar that you keep your ideas in, that’s perfectly fine. If you prefer to put them in your notes on your phone, you can. Or go old school and write them down in a journal. Just make sure your ideas are somewhere close by for whenever you need one. You may never know when another idea will strike.  

2. Ask your Audience

The people who watch your videos are the people you need to listen to the most. They’re the ones bringing the views so you should also cater to what they’re asking for. Make sure you always look in the comment section for any new content your followers might want.

Sometimes you can just outright ask your followers what they want to see from you. Endlessly scrolling through comments can take a lot of your time so instead just create a video or post and simply just ask. Be open-minded to what your followers want and that will give you all the content ideas you need.

3. Use Answer the Public

If you need more ideas, use a tool like Answer the Public. Simply type in a keyword and Answer the Public will compile a long list of things people google that contains your keyword. This gives you a list of things your audience is looking answers to. You only get 3 free searches so use them wisely.

This is what it looks like for us:

4. Get inspired by trends

Now it’s the time to scroll endlessly on TikTok while still being productive. Look out for trends or trending sounds, look at the videos and think “how can I add a personal twist to this trend?”. Make sure to either record a draft right away or take notes so you don’t forget.

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5. Take what performed well in the past & add a new twist to it

Another way to never run out of content ideas is to take a lot at your analytics, see what videos performed well in the past and recreate them. Maybe you shared your favorite summer outfits? This time you could share your favorite spring outfits. Maybe your best performing video was one where you shared about a passion of yours? Talk about the same thing again. It is okay to repeat topics and “recreate” old videos. Why? Because content nowadays has such a short lifespan and chances are people might not even remember. Besides you might have gained new followers since you posted those old videos.

6. Use ideas that didn’t make it to the feed

The final way to never run out of content ideas is basically yourself. Use that big brain of yours and dig deep, think about the content you’ve always thought about making. Use those thrown-away ideas and try to create something new from it that is more relevant to what you and your content.

Finally, you can always use other content creators you look up and draw inspiration from their videos and posts. Obviously don’t just outright copy someone, be your own person and put a little spin on the idea while still crediting them.

Bonus: Your life is content

At the end of the day when you think about it your entire life is content. People want to watch others that are relatable but still help them escape from their reality. Make fun of your life and of yourself, that’s some of the best content that you can come up with. Your followers still want it to be as authentic as possible so live your life and create content out of that and dramatize it a little because that helps make you and your content funny and watchable.  

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