8 AI-Powered Tools For Content Creators That Will Help You Save Time

The Klaia Team
May 15, 2023
5 min read

Let’s face it, between creating content, negotiating deals, and responding to emails, there’s barely any time left to simply relax. That’s where AI tools come in. From writing assistants to video creation platforms, these tools are sure to make your life easier and your content more engaging. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into 8 AI-powered tools for content creators.

UGC Scripts

First up, we have UGC Scripts. This AI-powered tool is the lifesaver for those of us who struggle with creative blocks. It is pretty straightforward as the name describes exactly what this tool does – it creates scripts for User-Generated Content. If you’re a UGC creator, give this tool a spin for your next project. All you have to do is provide the brand details, give some context, polish your script and voila! You’re ready to start filming. Plus, it’s free for up to 9 scripts on the basic plan.

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Next on our list is Syllaby, the ultimate content calendar on steroids. With Syllabi, not only can you find topics specific to your industry, but it will also generate a script for you that you can schedule to record on a given day. Say goodbye to inconsistent content and hello to an organized content calendar. The only downside? The free trial lasts only for 7 days, then it is $49/month.


Pictory helps you to create short-form videos from your long-form video content with ease. Gone are the days, where you have to edit a 10 minute video into a 1 minute one. Simply upload it to Pictory and it will extract the “golden nuggets”. You can use this to turn old (but still relevant) YouTube videos into Shorts or TikTok videos.

Plus, it writes attention-grabbing captions for your posts and can even turn your blog posts into videos. It costs $19 per month, with 30 videos to edit. Definitely a game changer!


If you have a blog, this tool is for you. Surfer makes SEO a breeze. Not only it provides you with ranking keywords and titles, but it also has a content score incorporated so you know how you’re doing while still writing the article. You can also use Surfer to audit existing pages and to overall master SEO and rank higher. It is a cheaper option to other SEO tools such as Moz or Semrush and it is only $59/month.

Go Charlie AI

Go Charlie AI is the perfect tool to repurpose your content. With this tool, you can turn articles, audio and video files into blogs, social media content and show notes in seconds. For example, if you want to turn a YouTube video into a Twitter thread, all you need to do is copy & paste the link to the video on Go Charlie and it’ll automatically formulate tweets for you to post. Go Charlie offers a free 10 day trial, then it is $39/month.


If you’re struggling to find copyright-free audio for your sponsored post, Soundraw has got you covered.

Use Soundraw to generate a royalty-free audio you can use on sponsored videos or, if you’re a UGC creator, a sound that you can use for client content. Simply choose the mood, the genre and the length. The best part? You get a permanent license to use the music you create however you want to, even if you unsubscribe. Soundraw is completely free to use, however, to be able to use your music, you need to subscribe for $19/month.


This one is for UGC creators that also offer product photography. Friendly reminder that product photography is not the same as user-generated content. Anyways, with CreatorKit, you can add a different background to a product photo, giving it that extra oomph that it needs.

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Last but not least, we have Runway, the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to AI tools. With 30 tools, including video editing, image manipulation, and more, Runway is easy to use and perfect for those who are feeling overwhelmed with all the AI craze.

One of the features we’re most excited about is the ability to expand an image by telling Runway what you want in that space. On TikTok, @torro.io, used it to add a boat to a regular beach image… and just like that all the time I spent learning how to use photoshop was a waste.

Runway works on a credits based subscription. They have a free plan that includes 125 credits which can be redeemed for an 8-second video or 25 images. Their next plan includes 625 credits and it’s $15/month.

8 AI-powered tools for content creators can be a game-changer. They can help you save time, improve your writing, and create engaging content that resonates with your audience. So, don’t be afraid to give them a try! Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and let your personality shine through in your content.

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