A Guide To Selling Exclusive Content As A Content Creator (+ Content Ideas)

The Klaia Team
May 9, 2023
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One of the first tips we give creators and influencers is to diversify their income streams. You cannot be relying on brand partnerships alone. So, we are bringing to you a complete guide to selling exclusive content as a content creator or influencer. Creating exclusive content for those who want to pay a bit extra is a great way to increase your income. And it is also a new way to build stronger & deeper relationships with your audience.

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What to create & sell?

The easy answer for this question is: anything. Really. We have seen anything from video tutorials, to relationship advise, to recipes, or sexual content. You can really sell anything you want, all you need is a good strategy.

Even though you can really sell anything, it can still be challenging to decide specifically what you should create. Whatever it is, the key is to be transparent with the kind of content you are selling to your audience. Because it is very similar to selling physical products, people like getting exactly what they are paying for.

For some content creators, there are passions that don’t fit into your usual content. Making it exclusive is a great way to build a connection to your audience. This could be any hobby you don’t normally talk about, like reading, video games, exercise, art, music, etc.

Is there a particular topic your audience is constantly asking you to share more about? That could be what you can sell exclusively!

If your content sometimes revolves around responses from your audience, you could make that part of an exclusive content package!

Early content may seem like a weird thing to market as “exclusive”, but there are a lot of people that like to be the first to know. Plus the exclusive platform could have its own sort of comments. You can apply this form of content to anything you already create.

Instagram’s newest update: subscriptions for creators

Mosseri (head of Instagram) just announced a new Instagram update which is subscriptions for creators. This is amazing news because it makes it easier to onboard users if Instagram is your main social media platform and it makes for a more predictable income!

They will begin testing this feature this week in the US and only a small number of creators will be able to access it.

Some of the integrations include:

  • Exclusive stories for subscribers
  • Exclusive lives for subscribers
  • Subscriber badges: those subscribed to your channel will receive a badge so creators can recognize them in comments, DMs, etc.

Exclusive content ideas

For podcasters:

If you already have a podcast, consider doing an extra episode with more in-depth information, and share the private link with your exclusive community.

You could also share the behind the scenes of what having a podcast looks like. While this might not be attractive to your listeners, people who want to create a podcast might find it worth paying for.

Another idea is to give personalized advice to your audience. Maybe each month they get to ask 5 questions regarding whatever topic you share about.

You could also sell your merchandise via a monthly subscription service. Your audience would pay a monthly fee and get merch on a monthly basis. There’s a creator who does this already: “hoodied” – they send their audience a “hoodie of the month”.

For fashion bloggers and influencers:

If your audience is constantly asking how you’d style a certain piece of clothing or asking for fashion advice – then sell that! Sell styling tips and you could even offer styling service on a monthly subscription. You could also implement different subscription tiers, based on how many styling outfits or tips you give.

For beauty + skincare creators:

There’s so much beauty and skincare content out there. However, sometimes it doesn’t matter how many makeup tutorials you watch, you still can’t achieve that specific makeup look. Here’s where you come in: everyone has different face shapes, skin types and preferences. You could recommend personalized makeup tips and looks to your audience.

When it comes to skincare it’s a bit more tricky since everyone has different skin types. However, you can recommend your favorite products for a certain skin issue or skin type. You could also go a bit more in-depth when reviewing skincare products.

For lifestyle content creators:

This one might be a bit niche – but we’ve seen a lot of creators share their book picks on TikTok and they get amazing engagement. If this is you, you could create a bookclub, where you audience pays a monthly fee and you do a monthly or bi-weekly meeting to discuss the book. You could also share book recommendations, etc.

If you share about motivation, you could create a place where your audience can keep each other accountable to reach their goals. You could post more motivational content and tips on how to stay on track to reach those goals.

For mom and family bloggers/creators:

If you create content around family and mom life, you could share tips and tricks you have learned so far. As well, as must-have products you wish you knew about before becoming a mom, activities to do with your family, etc.

For fitness creators:

You could post complete workout videos, tutorials about the correct form for an specific exercise, etc.

Another thing you could do is create a monthly workout program only those who pay the monthly subscription could have access to. You could also create a monthly challenge – people are inclined to pay for a monthly challenge since participating with other people helps to keep yourself accountable.

You could also share your favorite low-calorie and healthy recipes, answer specific questions from your audience and more fitness related advice!

For foodies:

Post exclusive recipes and cooking tips. People could also ask you more specific questions like what to cook on certain occasions, what ingredients to use for a certain dish, etc.

For social media managers & marketing gurus:

You have a lot of expertise when it comes to social media. And you might even offer consultations and one-on-ones. However, there’s simpler things such as social media audits that you could offer to those who want to pay a bit, but might not need 1:1 consultations yet.

You could offer a monthly social media audit, exclusive tips and priority access to certain content. Most importantly you would also be offering some sort of direct access to you and your expertise, maybe this means chatting with your audience and giving more tailored advice, etc.

Also, you could offer monthly content ideas for those who have a hard time figuring out what type of content to create.

For entrepreneurship content creators:

You’ve acquired a ton of knowledge throughout your journey as an entrepreneur. Sell exclusive tips and entrepreneurship advice. This can be so valuable as it can save people money and time!

For travel creators:

If your audience is constantly asking for your recommendations about where to eat, where to travel, how to get around, etc. Then this might be something you could sell.

Create a monthly subscription where people tell you where they are traveling and you can put together a list of places to visit, places to eat, and more tips. This is something people would absolutely pay for because it comes from a trusted source (you) and saves them a lot of time they would have to spend doing research.

If we didn’t cover your niche…

We tried to cover most niches, but there’s so many out there this blog post would be super long! Here’s an article about 60 creators on Patreon – what they sell, and how much they make. This could give you ideas on what content you could sell, and how much to sell it for!

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