A Guide To Setting Realistic Goals As A Content Creator

The Klaia Team
May 9, 2023
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If you haven’t set goals for the rest of the year, yet, this is your sign to do so! Setting realistic goals as a content creator is important, as it helps to keep you accountable and most importantly, motivated to achieve those goals. We are sharing with you types of goals you can set and our trick for goal setting which is “SMART goals”.

SMART goals

  • Specific – Are you able to define your goal any clearer?
  • Measurable – Can you accurately determine if you’ve reached the goal?
  • Attainable – How can you achieve the goal?
  • Realistic/relevant – Is your goal related to the others you’re pursuing right now?
  • Time-based – When is the deadline to reach this goal?

Having this kind of goal-setting in mind is super useful. From here, you can look more closely at the goal you’ve set and break it down.

Think about what actions can help you achieve this goal, and then break those down into smaller actions! This makes your goals feel more reachable and more action-based.

Try to keep track of the small tasks you can do everyday to work toward a bigger goal. It will help you remember your goals and make you more likely to achieve them!

Also, look back at your original goal every once in a while to remind yourself of the big picture. The small tasks are stepping stones to help you reach that goal without feeling too overwhelmed.

Here’s an example of a smart goal: I will hit 40,000 followers on Instagram by the end of 2022. To do achieve this, I will produce higher quality content, post reels every day and build a tighter community.

Examples of goals


You may be figuring out which niche or industry you are aiming to be a part of. Or you could be transitioning from one industry to another. In the first scenario, it’s easy to test the waters in each industry before deciding which one to choose or you could create content in many niches at the same time.

The second scenario however, it’s much harder to do as you’ve already build an audience around the content you create in a certain niche, so getting them to like your new content in a different thing is tricky. In this case, it may be a good time to start transitioning your content. This is where you can start setting goals to get involved in a specific niche.


Another goal you might want to set could be about developing certain skills. Maybe you’d like to get better at editing content on Photoshop; or maybe you take amazing pictures but your video content could use some work; or maybe you just want to get better at being organized!

Take a moment to reflect and recognize what skills you’d like to develop and what skills need some improvement.


While it’s important not to get too caught up in metrics, the financial side of content creation can be very important. Especially if your main source of income is from your content, having financial goals is helpful.

These kinds of goals may be in relation to covering your monthly expenses. You might also be saving up for a big purchase or to upgrade your equipment.

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Personal brand

As a content creator, it’s important that you create a brand surrounding what you produce. This can be done by diversifying the platforms you use.

Expanding your content creation to different kinds of social media is really important. It allows you to not be too reliant on one form of social media and experiment!


You should always be looking to gain more experience in the industry you are in. This makes you a much more competitive candidate for any future opportunities. Especially now that brands are looking for full-time creators for their brands, putting more money into TikTok via shows and more.

The process of getting the experience will also be able to teach you new things. Hopefully, you can translate it into your content creation as well!

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