Becoming A Content Creator With Liv Reese

The Klaia Team
May 10, 2023
5 min read

Liv Reese is a lifestyle and beauty creator, known for her upbeat content. She is also an actor and model. In this interview, she tells us about becoming a content creator, her experience acting and gives tips for aspiring creators.

Aside from being a content creator – you are also an actor. Do you use your acting skills as a content creator?

I actually started content creation because of modeling and acting! When the pandemic hit the industry shutdown so I started modeling for brands at home which eventually led to creating/posting content and gaining followers. Acting is definitely a helpful skill when it comes to creating content. I’ve been told by numerous brands that my content feels very genuine and authentic because of the voice-overs I added or my emotion!

Where else does acting and content creation overlap in your personal experience?

I feel like acting and modeling goes hand in hand with content creation. I am very comfortable and natural in front of the camera! I’m also great with memorization so when I’m working on video content for a brand I write scripts with key points about the product/brand and I memorize it! (Side note: I only work with brands that I use/love in real life or am excited to try so I never really am acting).

What has been the most challenging for you during your influencer journey?

The most challenging part has been being consistent! There is a lot of pressure to post all the time but I have learned that it’s about quality over quantity. I’d rather post once or twice a week on Instagram instead of rushing 5 posts! I consistently engage with others, respond to dms, and post on stories but sometimes I need a break from posting on my feed. Some weeks I might push out 5 quality posts and some weeks I might post once and that’s okay!

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How have you been able to use Klaia as a content creator

Klaia has been a really helpful tool when it comes to creating and planning content. The key to success in this industry is clear communication and planning! Klaia helps me plan out content days and schedule posts. It helps me when I’m balancing multiple brand deals and due dates.

We saw you’re working with Dunkin Donuts – congrats! Do you have any tips on landing brand deals?

Thank you so much! Dunkin’ is one of the largest brands I’ve worked with and I am SO excited! Something that has helped me land brand deals is my media kit. As a creator/influencer having a solid and informative media kit is so important.

Another tip I have for landing big brand deals is signing up for marketing agencies who will notify you when they’re working on influencer marketing campaigns that you qualify for.

What’s one lesson you have learned from being an influencer?

One thing I’ve learned is not to compare yourself to others online. Social media is a highlight reel. I can post a photo in a cute outfit with makeup on while I’m sitting in my bed in sweatpants. I try my best to be transparent on my social media platforms!

What is one skill those who want to become influencers should learn?

A skill all creators should know is how to shoot their own content! Having a tripod and the lens buddy app makes it easy to shoot photos and videos by yourself from anywhere.

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What are your favorite makeup products right now?

This year I am a finalist in the IHC awards for beauty influencer of the year so I’ve been trying out a ton of different makeup products! Some of my favorites right now include Dior blush, Nars Liquid Blush, Fenty Beauty Contour and Light Wands, eye brow lamination gel from Brow Code, the Channel Surfing Morphe x Madison Beer eyeshadow palette, and Winky Lux lip oil!

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