December Blog Post & Content Ideas: Fashion & Lifestyle Edition

The Klaia Team
May 8, 2023
5 min read

This year’s holiday season is in full swing so now it’s the best time to publish holiday content on your blog. Here are some December blog post ideas to get you started!

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Stress-free travel tips

When everyone has a million places to be to celebrate the holidays and reconnect with loved ones, there can be a lot of stress. Provide packing list ideas and organization tips to make this season the easiest one yet. Check out this blog post by Carla Vianna for more travel blog post ideas.

Hand-made gifts

Making gifts for people in your life is a great way to show you care and give them something more meaningful. It can also save you money when you’re willing to put in the time. Give some fun ideas and crafts that will be loved and appreciated by those that receive them and will be fun for those making them. (You could also include gifts that are experiences instead of physical items since it may have been a while since they last had a chance to spend time together!)

Ways to layer your favorite summer clothes

For those that want to make the most out of all their clothes year-round, finding new ways to layer T-shirts, dresses, and more from their summer wardrobe can be great. It allows more use of the clothes already in their closet and puts more creativity into outfits. Simple layering can expand the possibilities of your closet and keep you from spending money and completely new clothes.

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Ice skating rinks and other winter activities

When it starts getting colder, it can be harder to get yourself to go outside, but ice skating is a fun activity for everyone! Ice skating can be a relatively inexpensive way to have some fun with your friends, family, or significant other.

You can find and recommend some different ice-skating rinks – as well as ski slopes, tubing and sledding areas, and snowboarding hills – in the area that can be a fun winter activity.

Cozy hot drink recipes

As the temperature drops, people are looking for ways to stay warm and fun holiday drinks. Why not combine the two and give some fun and simple recipes to spice up the usual apple cider and hot chocolate?

Warm & cozy, yet stylish outfit ideas

When it’s getting colder, it can be difficult to show off your outfit since it’s covered up most of the time. Tell your readers how to show off their personal style while also staying warm this winter.

Winter wardrobe tips + must-haves

Tips and recommendations for new clothing pieces to buy can be extremely helpful. Especially for people that may be experiencing colder weather than they’re used to, it can provide them a great place to start. Specific items could be included, or maybe you want to talk about a specific brand or website that you’re partnered with.

When buying clothes online, it’s difficult to know what kind of quality you’re going to get; so having someone give more specific resources makes it less intimidating.

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Warm meals for cold days

Cozy comfort meals that are easy and quick to make are always something people need more of. These can be anything from chilis to soups to pastas. You can even give variations of the usual comfort foods that are vegan and vegetarian options.

Best shoes for the cold seasons

Shoes are probably the most important part of what you’re wearing when it starts to get cold outside, besides your jacket. They need to be warm, insulated, comfortable to walk in, and keep your feet dry. Trying on shoes in a store doesn’t give you all of that information, so you’re forced to take that risk on shoes that are probably expensive. A list of a few quality pairs of shoes that range in price that are also easy to style. This can be a great opportunity to reach out to brands and partner with them.

Style tips for hats, gloves, and scarves

There’s a lot of ways to style the layers that come with colder weather, and it can be difficult to find ways to switch it up  from day to day. You can provide ways to keep warm with what you have available while not letting your style get too repetitive.

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