How To Define Growth As A Content Creator

The Klaia Team
May 9, 2023
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It’s 2022 and we see a lot of creators and brands still focusing on the wrong set of success metrics. The number of likes and followers is an easy number to track, however it is a vanity metric. There are so many different ways to define growth as a content creator. Remember that grow looks different for everyone and it’s doesn’t necessarily have to be a metric or number.

Followers & likes aren’t the only metric

Your goals may be based on a variety of things, like revenue or metrics. Especially if content creation is your main source of income. Or your goals may also be more personal, like producing a certain amount of content, posting consistently, or increasing your engagement with your audience. They may have to do with collaborating with different brands or becoming more involved on influencer platforms.

Having specific goals and action plans on how to achieve them is important, but it may also leave you unsatisfied in the long-run if numbers and metrics are your main focus. It can have a negative impact if you don’t appreciate and recognize your growth in other areas.

Besides, numbers aren’t the only success metric – they are a vanity metric. Yes, if you get 20,000 more followers, your content will be reaching more people and maybe you can charge more for brand partnerships. But, that doesn’t matter if you don’t have an engaged community. In fact, having 10,000 followers and an engagement rate of 15% is a thousand times better than having 100,000 followers and an engagement rate of 1%.

Community building

Another way to define growth is by your community. This can show you how much engagement there is with your content.

The content you create will be found and interacted with by people that identify with it. Knowing that your audience is engaged and made up of the target audience can give you more insight into your growth.

Your community and how it develops can reflect your growth. The interaction and engagement within your audience is helpful for understanding the kind of people your content is reaching and impacting.

Content quality

As you grow as a content creator, your ability to increase the quality of your content is likely to grow. Being able to see these changes in the content you produce is a great way to look at your growth.

Quality is something that doesn’t happen overnight. You have to start somewhere and then keep going. The quality of your content improves as you go. And the funny thing, is that sometimes you don’t realize it unless you look back at the content you created months ago. Often, cringing at the type of photos you created previously, is a good sign your content quality is improving.

Your knowledge of content creation will naturally increase with experience. Using it to make your content better is something you should be striving for.

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Developing skills

Along with the quality of your content, the skills you acquire through your content creation journey can help you define how you’ve much grown and most importantly – learnt. Skills can be difficult to observe within yourself, but reflecting on how much you’ve learned and improved can provide more insight. Look at the content you created 6 months ago and we are sure you’ll notice improvement.

it’s important to note skills can be anything having to do with content creation, even if it doesn’t seem directly connected. Thing is being a content creator/influencer means so much more than creating videos and taking photos. For example, skills with campaign management are something you can observe, or maybe you’ve gotten better at negotiating brand deals!

Using Klaia to be there to help you with campaign management can allow you to focus on developing your other skills as well! And it’s free!

Skills with producing certain kinds of content and using different platforms are very  important as well.

Retention across platforms

As a content creator, diversifying your platforms is very useful for expanding your audience and reaching more people. Another way to look at your growth is by how much of your audience you retain across different social media platforms. For example, when it comes to Youtube and blogging – how many people keep coming back to read your articles and watch your videos?

Having an established community allows you to keep a similar amount of your audience across various platforms. It also helps you grow your audience across all platforms, for example reaching your audience on TikTok that can then follow you to other social media.

Looking at your growth this way is useful to understand your promotion of other platforms. You can also see how effective your content is in different formats.

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