January Content Ideas: Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion

The Klaia Team
May 9, 2023
5 min read

With the New Year comes more content to create for your audience. Start off the year right with some fresh January content ideas that relate to lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.

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New Year’s resolutions

With the start of any new year, people are inspired to start new habits and create goals for themselves. This is a great post to start off the year and give your audience some insight into your personal goals.

It can also include some suggestions if anyone is trying to add some more resolutions to their list. They can range from health to travel to reflective, leaving lots of options to talk about. You can also reflect on your own goals from last year or include plans for the upcoming year as well. As a content creator, one of your goals may be to get paid to make content!

This is also a great opportunity to remind your audience, and yourself, that the new year is not the only time when you can start new habits. You can start any day, and you don’t need to wait for tomorrow.

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Year in review

A post about what you accomplished last year is an opportunity for you to reflect. You can also talk about what you didn’t do that you hope to do this year. This is a great exercise in being aware of how much you’ve done.

Besides your goals, you can sort of review all of the fun and amazing things you did, like different trips, experiences, and more! It’s a chance to look back at what you did the past year and be grateful for what you learned.

This could even be some reflection on the memories you’ve made and what you’ve learned from your experiences.

Start a new series

With the start of the new year, it’s a great time to start a series for your posts! It could be about anything you are interested in that will provide enough content for you to post about on a regular basis.

If there’s anything your audience is really interested in or that you are extra passionate about, you can start a new collection of posts relating to that topic!

Having a series you update on a regular basis also keeps your audience coming back for updates on content they’re interested in. The important part about this is giving your audience an estimate of how often you’ll be posting updates and making them easy to connect to each other.

Staying connected after the holidays

Since the holiday season has come to a close, many people are travelling once again to go home, to school, etc. This can make it hard for everyone to get back in routines and keep in touch with everyone they saw over the holidays.

An important thing for everyone in the winter is keeping in touch with friends and family when they’re apart. Giving some tips for staying connected is really helpful and can make it easier to avoid the winter blues.

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Returning to your routine

After the holidays, it can be difficult to go back to the routine you had in place before. A post with tips for improving and implementing a routine makes a big difference.

Especially with new goals and resolutions, starting daily habits to help you progress is super important. You can include your own tips and tricks for having motivation to keep up a routine and making your goals more achievable.


Winter skincare products

Everyone is trying to take care of their skin during the winter, especially keeping it hydrated. Give some recommendations that can help your audience, whether that’s moisturizers, serums, face masks, or chapstick.

Having a variety of ways to keep your skin smooth throughout this season will give your audience the resources to be confident in their skin.

Hairstyles for winter hats

Balancing cold weather while staying stylish can be a struggle, and so is keeping your hair looking good while wearing a hat. Encourage your audience to stay warm while maintaining a cute hairstyle.

You can give tutorials, ways to style hats, and how to keep volume in your hair after wearing a hat. Winter hairstyles can be difficult to find, especially when you’re trying to make your hair look good after taking off your hat.

Favorite makeup products

Provide some recommendations for makeup products that you’ve been enjoying. You could even give some examples of similar products that range in prices.

This gives people options that are affordable depending on their budget. Plus, they can incorporate some new products into their makeup routine to switch up their look for the year.

You can even include some makeup tips and tricks to go along with certain categories of products. For example, contouring tips when talking about bronzers and highlighters.

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Skincare routine

With new habits, your audience is probably ready to improve their skincare routine. You can provide different brands and products you enjoy for your skin type, as well as some that might be helpful for others.

You could focus on your personal skincare routine, giving a rundown of the products you enjoy and what facemasks you like to use. Provide your audience with some tips that you’ve learned to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

With skincare, the foods you eat are also important. While certain advice may seem obvious, it can still be useful to your audience.

Hair products for winter

With the dry weather, everyone’s hair is going to respond differently. You can give some recommendations for products that help you during the cold months.

Include some different options for varying hair types, maybe that you’ve heard about from others. Having resources for other hair textures can be useful for anyone in your audience that has different hair than you. It can be helpful, even if you’re not the direct source of the information.

For a lot of these beauty content ideas, you can promote certain products you love that you might even be collaborating with! Invoicing brands is an important part of collaborating, and we have some free templates you can use!

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Style trends to kick off 2022

This is a great way to offer some fashion insight to your audience that they can consider going into the new year. Trends are changing and evolving, so there’s always something to talk about.

Plus, recommend some good websites to find these clothing pieces. It can be difficult to find stores that have quality clothing that also match what’s trending. Having some different price ranges is always a useful addition.

Note: Make sure you’re keeping up with micro influencer trends, too!

How to make a capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are essentially a way to minimize the clothes you wear on a regular basis. The quantities of different items can be adjusted as needed, but the general idea is making your closet cohesive.

This makes putting an outfit together much easier by having pieces that always create a good outfit.

Give some different tips for how to narrow down your closet. You could even provide some examples of how you might create your own. If you already have one, tell your audience how you did it!

Plus, it’s great for traveling and can be adjusted as needed over time.

Find your style

Personal style is something that evolves over time, and some people need help discovering what theirs is. You can give some examples of different styles and ways you can mix and match them.

Before buying a whole new wardrobe, it’s helpful to have a style in mind to stay consistent. And to also actually wear everything you purchase. Show your audience how they can do this and some inspiration to get them started.

Expensive clothing pieces worth the price

Sofia, our founder, is a huge believer in investing in classic pieces you’ll wear a lot. You should tell your audience what items you’d recommend investing in, if they’re worth the price, what they quality is like, how to style the items, this or that of classic pieces, etc. There’s so many content options around this – give it your own spin!

You can even provide similar pieces that are still quality but may be a little less expensive.

Jewelry pieces worth investing in this year

Having quality jewelry that won’t easily tarnish is great for your wallet in the long run. Promote stores with high-quality jewelry that will last longer than what you would buy for super cheap.

Also, give tips for making jewelry last longer and the best ways to take care of it. Having everyday pieces that you love means keeping them looking their best so you can continue to wear them.

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Mixing sustainability and fashion

With fast fashion and trends that move so quickly, you can encourage your audience to work to be more sustainable in their fashion consumption this year. However, it’s important not to shame anyone for their circumstances. Even though fast fashion has many negative impacts, it does allow people of all backgrounds and economic situations to dress fashionably and participate in trends.

You can give thrifting tips, provide second-hand clothing resources, and recommend stores that are sustainable and work with different budgets. You could also educated your audience on why it is so important to shop more sustainably and how we should all avoid overconsumption.

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