Vintage & Colorful Fashion With Nikki Ruiz

The Klaia Team
May 9, 2023
5 min read

Nikki Ruiz (@nachonikki) caught our eye on Instagram! Her vintage & colorful fashion style is so unique, so we had to interview her! Keep on reading for vintage clothing styling tips & to also find out how she got started as a content creator.

How did you start creating content?

I started content creation by accident during the pandemic like many of my online besties. I think the extra time at home allowed me to be more creative and show that side through Instagram posts since I wasn’t dressing up or doing fun things with friends IRL. Though, it’s started ramping up a bit more for me during the last 3-4 months. It’s super exciting when a brand reaches out and wants to make some magic together.

What motivates you to create content?

A good outfit, a pretty moment or seeing others online creating some real good content always motivates me. My best content always happens by accident. If I try to plan out something too perfectly it never turns out how I want it to. I think I tend to set standards for myself and when I don’t achieve them, I get discouraged. Another thing I’ve noticed is that when I have a caption in mind before any content I’ve created, it’s easier for me to visualize what I’m going for.

How has Klaia helped you with being a content creator?

I recently discovered Klaia and it has helped me stay organized. I’m working with more brands more frequently and it’s nice to have one place to put contracts, due dates, payment info, vision boards, etc. Prior to then I was using my notes app on my phone, google calendars, physical papers, you name it. It’s so nice to be able to look in one place for everything.

When did you first discover your passion for vintage clothing?

Ever since I was in high school, I had a knack for older things. I think thrifting unique pieces that were unlike anything else was one of the big things that drew me to it. I also have a big appreciation for vintage pieces – my mama always tells me that I was born in the wrong era.

When you’re picking out vintage pieces, how do you find ones that are cohesive?

Truthfully, I pick out whatever catches my eye and hope for the best! I think I picture myself with a good basic that I already own paired with the unique vintage piece that I’ve just found and go from there.

Where do you find inspiration for vintage clothing?

Pinterest, instagram and honestly, my boyfriend. He has an amazing eye for vintage and knows his stuff. I get really inspired from him. He would live in 30-40 year old clothes all the time if he could, which in reality he does 95% of the time. He’s a big sustainability advocate without even realizing it. I love that for him haha.

Do you have any tips for vintage & funky fashion and how to style it?

I think if you start with a good basic piece and work from there it’s easier OR if you pair colors / patterns togethers that you love! I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed but working off one piece as the focal point is helpful.

What are your thoughts on the move to vintage fashion over fast fashion?

Absolutely obsessed with it! In no way, is my consumption perfect but I do try to be wise with where and how I spend my dollar. I’m still guilty of shopping at Urban Outfitters or similar stores that may be considered fast fashion. But when I shop there I make sure that I absolutely love the piece and see it in my closet for 3+ years. I think a lot of vintage pieces are super timeless and in many ways similar to things seen on Urban but even better because they’ve already been on this earth for at least 15+ years!

I think it’s important to stress that there is no one path to being more sustainable. It looks different for everybody and all we can do individually is be the best we personally can and encourage others to not over consume in a friendly positive way.

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