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Complete your partnerships successfully by keeping all details and requirements handy.

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Incomings and outgoings. Easily track expenses and profits in an easily understandable way.

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Upload your content, send it for review, and receive feedback – all in one seamless platform.

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Chat with brand partners in real-time and store all conversations for future reference.

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Save up to3 hours of admin work per campaign.

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Keep track of deadlines, deliverables and payment by adding your campaign on Klaia. From there, you can send the content for approval to brands and chat with them in-real-time. Forget about endlessly scrolling through email threads to find important information.

*Estimate based on average brand partnerships.

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About Us

Klaia has helped me organize my work! Before, there were so many emails to keep track of, different deadlines, and deliverables. Having everything in one place helps me relax and focus more on the important part of influencing: creating content.

Camila Vilas

Klaia has helped me manage my paid and gifted collaborations as well as tracking payment from brands! Having easy access to all my work for the month is so convenient.

Pamela Valdez

Klaia has been great to help me keep organized and I love that it’s a one stop place to have ALL the information you need for any collaboration you’re working on.

Sade Mowatt

Being a content creator and small business owner, I am always creating content. It can be overwhelming to use my notes list when it comes to planning. I love how I can pre-plan all the details of the content. This makes it 10x easier when I am posting it on my social media.


Klaia is the best organization tool for content creators.

Our goal is to empower creators to grow their business by helping them save time on admin.